Pong the Classic Computer Game for Windows

  Presenting the modern version of a classic game for Windows built with DirectX

 DirectX Installation


 This game requires that Microsoft's DirectX version 8.0 be installed on your computer prior to playing the game. Windows XP users already meet this requirement, and shouldn't need to install anything.

If you do not already have DirectX version 8.0 or higher installed on your machine, or you need to reinstall for any reason, just follow these steps:

  • Download DirectX 9.0 installation (dxwebsetup.exe) by clicking on this link.
    You may as well download the version of DirectX runtime from Microsoft site.
  • Run "dxwebsetup.exe" Installation.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Ignore any warnings you may receive by clicking on YES.
  • Restart Windows to complete the installation.

WARNING: While DirectX 9.0 should be able to determine what version of DirectX currently resides on a system and halt the installation if it deems it to be harmful or unnecessary, you should not attempt to install DirectX 8.0 on a Windows system running a more recent version of DirectX.

How to determine what version of DirectX you have installed on your system:

  1. Click Start, then Run.

  2. In the Open box, type "DXDIAG"

  3. If the DirectX Diagnostic Tool launches, you are at least running DirectX 5.0. To see what version, note the bottom line in the System Information box on the first page, "DirectX Version". Click Exit in the lower right hand corner of the window when you are finished.

  4. If you receive an error that starts with "Cannot find the file 'DXDIAG'", then click OK, which should return you to Step 2. Type "DXINFO"

  5. If this launches a DXINFO program, the left-hand pane contains information about what version of DirectX is installed, with the version number in the hundredths slot of the "DirectX Version (Registry)" entry. (For example, 4.05 is DirectX 5.)

  6. If you receive the error in Step 4 again, you do not have DirectX installed on your system. Follow the directions above to install it.

 Download Pong and play it for free!


Prior to launching the game installation, make sure you have a proper version of DirectX installed. The section above has detailed information on this.

Since January 2007, Pong is freeware. It won't ask you for any kind of registartion or personal information. You are also encouraged to help this site by making a donation.

In case the installation program shows a security warning "The publisher cannot be determined due to the problems below: Authenticode signature not found", please ignore the warning and continue the installation.

This program does not contain any spyware, adware, viruses or any inappropriate, offensive content. Just the Pong game, nothing else.

Download Pong




I receive a message "You may need to adjust your monitor settings..." when I launch the game.

In order to run the game you may need to adjust monitor settings:

Windows 98/2000/ME
Start • Settings • Control Panel • Display • Settings

Windows XP
Start • Control Panel • Appearance and Themes • Display • Settings

Under Troubleshooting (Windows 2000/XP) or Performance (Windows 98) tab, set Hardware Acceleration to Full and hit Apply button.

I receive an error message about a missing DDRAW.DLL, DINPUT.DLL, DINPUT8.DLL or DSOUND.DLL file.

This is an indication that DirectX was not successfully installed. You should try reinstalling DirectX (please refer to the section above).

The program runs fine, but the area underneath the cursor, when it is shown, is not repainted.

You can fix this by setting the Display Hardware Acceleration to 'Full'. Please check the messages above.
When I launch the program, and click "Start the game!" button, I see only the black screen.

Try running the program in "Emulation" mode by checking "Emulate 640x480 Mode" box on the startup window.
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