Pong the Classic Computer Game for Windows

  Presenting the modern version of Pong for Windows built with DirectX

  Play Pong against the computer!

   Play with your friend on the same PC  
Pong: play against your computer

 Challenge your computer. All you need is a mouse or joystick. Play on four different levels, choose your side (left or right), table size, and more...

Play Pong with your friend on your PC

 To play together on the same PC, you'd need to have a mouse and a joystick, or two joysticks. You might also go with a dual joystick such as Logitech's Dual Action.

 Play over the network!

   What's in the Pong?  

  Network is fun! It's better since you both can play on the side you prefer and... well, you have more room too. Setting it up is not difficult at all. Read more on this in network section.

Play Pong over the network

  -'Is this yet another, million-and-first incarnation of the classic game?' - you might ask. Yes, this is another version of Pong. And there were reasons to put this game together...

Another Pong? See what is different about this game

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 Some History

   System requirements & Troubleshooting  

 Pong was, arguably, the first computer game that reached masses in 1970s. As time moves on, there are now hundreds and thousands of games of any kind available...

Pong history

 The game runs on Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP platforms, and requires DirectX 8.0 or more recent. Some monitors may require settings adjustment. More...

Pong system requirements and trobleshooting

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